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CAVEMAN SOUND // Electronic Music Blog

CAVEMAN SOUND // Electronic Music Blog.

Check this site out if you play or record music.

TC-Helicon | Mike Patton – Vocal Alchemist

TC-Helicon | Mike Patton – Vocal Alchemist. Excellent explanation by Mike Patton


TELEFOX / Magick Karpet Sound System – Suits You Well – YouTube

TELEFOX / Magick Karpet Sound System – Suits You Well – YouTube.

A buddy of  mine’s piece of work. Hope ya like it.

Anyone in the central jersey area looking for a music project?

I am looking for musicians to play Anaconda Project out with. I have a drummer lined up. Let me know what you play, as I am going avante garde and am open to any ideas and instruments. I am in need of two bassists and a keyboardist though. I am also looking for a metal bassist for another project. And a drummer for Carbonic Smog

musicians wanted in NJ area

I am looking for some people in the Asbury Park area to get together and try and play this stuff out. If you are interested, contact me on here and I will get you more of my material to see if you want to do it.